Lincoln Greedy Building can help you with your decking in any material and design you choose.

Timber decking is a fantastic addition to any backyard, and improve both its appearance and its functionality. Lincoln Greedy Building offers decking constructed to suit your existing dwelling, as well as the shape and the existing aesthetics of your backyard.

timber decks

Our decking is only ever constructed from high grade timber, nailed by hand to ensure a neat and safe finish, and is sealed and painted to prolong the timber’s lifespan and to guard it against the elements. Our decking is constructed with concrete foundations and steel shoes, giving them a solid and reliable base. We can add in any handrail system, using materials from timber through to steel wire. All this, whilst working to your design and catering to your needs.

Lincoln Greedy Building can give you advice on your decking ideas and designs. With our locally sourced materials you can be sure that your decking will be high quality whilst still affordable, and using our experienced tradesmen you can be certain that it will be fitted safely and quickly with Lincoln Greedy Building.

For a friendly consultation on any aspect of timber decking, please contact us on (02) 0417 700 063, and we will be happy to help.