Lincoln Greedy Building offers pergolas to suit all spaces, and all needs.

Whether you want an outdoor covered area, or a lit space to sit in your garden, using a pergola to cover your deck, or outdoor area, is a great and affordable means to extend your home’s living space.

Lincoln Greedy Building offers pergolas constructed to suit the existing aesthetics and shape of your decking, backward or outdoor area. Using only high grade, treated timber for the outdoor posts, beams and rafters, our pergolas are designed to survive the elements. We offer all roof types and cladding, selected to fulfil your needs and design.pergolas

With our materials sourced from local, established suppliers, and using our experienced tradesmen, Lincoln Greedy Building can cater to all aspects of your pergola needs, from design to installation.

For a friendly consultation on any aspect of pergolas, please contact us on (02) 0417 700 063, and we will be happy to help.