The Lincoln Greedy Building team is made up of Lincoln, his wife Kate, plus two qualified tradesman and one apprentice. Lincoln has 20 years experience as a builder and has worked with various local high quality builders whilst completing his trade and as a contractor. Lincoln has successfully operated his own business for 11 years.

Lincoln believes in giving young people a great start to the building trade by taking on several apprentices over the 8 years. Lincoln’s employees are vital members of his team and they are taught to obtain the same high quality as shared with Lincoln. We show a strong commitment to Education and Training.

By having a small, but highly qualified team, Lincoln is able to give advice, quote, construct and supervise the construction from start to finish. This enables him to ensure that the job is running smoothly and that the workmanship is quality. Lincoln has a trusted and highly qualified regular team of sub contractors. This ensures the job is completed from start to finish for the client, hassle free.


  • Plasterer - Ace Interiors
  • Electrician - Seven Electrical
  • Plumber - Brad Lantry Plumbing
  • Tiler - Paul Marsden Tiling
  • Painter - Matt Jenisen
  • Roofers - Magnum Roofing
  • Concreter- T & M Conreting Solutions
  • Bricklayer - Callinans Bricklaying
  • Frames and Trusses - Terrace Frames and Trusses

Lincoln Greedy Building only uses a wide rage of local suppliers for building materials and has a long term relationship with these suppliers. This ensures that all materials are of the best quality and at the best price.